Hi-Lo Game

  • Hi-Lo Game May 2 – 27   2016 (4 Weeks)


    There is a jackpot full of wonderful gift certificates. Jackpot will consist of gift certificate items from the KADI-KICK Shopping Show and a prize from the weekly sponsor. Jackpot will be rounded to the nearest dollar amount. To win the Jackpot callers must correctly guess the dollar amount. The on-air personality will notify the caller and listeners if the guess was too High or too Low, or correct!


    Attempts to guess the jackpot will be allowed  during each weekday shift starting May 2 through May 27. Weekday shifts are at the following time periods: the Morning Drive Daypart (6 am – 10 am), the mid-day daypart (11 am – 2 pm) and afternoon drive daypart (4 pm – 7 pm). Our DJ will designate the number of the caller who can attempt to guess the dollar amount of the Hi-Lo Jackpot (in round dollar amounts – no cents). Contestants may play multiple times but may win only once.


    At the end of each day if no correct guess has been made, one or more additional gift certificates will be added to the jackpot increasing its value. No range will be given as long as a jackpot is in play. Jackpot will continue to accumulate until there is a winner. If a jackpot is won before May 27 a new jackpot will start. At the beginning of a new jackpot (this applies to the very beginning of the contest and then every new jackpot after there has been a winner), our DJ will give a Hi-Lo Range to start the game. On the last day of the promotion the number of attempts allowed will increase throughout the day until a winner guesses the correct dollar amount of the last jackpot.


    Must be 18 years of age or older to play. Employees of Vision Media Group and immediate family members are not eligible to play. No purchase necessary. Winners agree to identify and hold 99 Hit FM harmless from any and all claims, suits and action which may arise out of, or any harms, liabilities or damages they may incur, as a result of having won the Hi-Lo prize. In conjunction with the receipt of this prize, winners grant 99.5 FM KADI and 1340 KICK permission to use their name and likeness in conjunction with reasonable promotion by the station of my participation in its promotion. If any jackpot won during the Hi-Lo contest is valued over $600 a 1099 will be issued to the winner by Vision Media Group.

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