The Rockin Afternoon Show

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    Nathan was born and raised on a farm in a little town called Wellsville, about 45 minutes southwest of Kansas City. Here he learned how to plant a garden, raise a cow, milk a goat, and many other farm-like skills—none of which are handy to him now, thanks to his aspirations in radio. In 2017 he received an associates in Liberal Arts from Johnson County Community College where his desire to be an actor shifted when he discovered how fun mics are to talk into. It was at JCCC that Nathan got his first taste of how sweet working in radio is, and he’s been hooked ever since.

    Nathan is currently beefing up his bible knowledge at Baptist Bible College. In his free time, Nathan likes to eat, longboard, play video games, and do literally anything that keeps him from homework. Nathan’s long-term goals in life are to do a kickflip; find a smokin’ hot wife; raise a family; and maybe, just maybe, become the most famous Christian radio host of all time.